Why Is Your Fridge Or Freezer Leaking?

Why is Your Fridge or Freezer Leaking?

Finding an ominous puddle of water next to your fridge or freezer is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. However, leaking can often be a problem that’s easy to fix.

Here are some of the most common causes of leaking in fridge freezers. 


Your fridge freezer has a faulty door seal  

If your appliance has a faulty door seal, this can be the cause of leaking. The seal might be damaged or clogged with dirt which is preventing the door from closing properly. As a result, warm air is entering the fridge and triggering condensation. 


Your fridge drain is blocked  

Condensation leaves your fridge through a drain hole at the bottom of the appliance. The drain can become blocked with food or dirt, meaning that liquid cannot escape. This problem can be resolved by unblocking the drain. 


Damaged drain pan in at the bottom of your appliance 

Check the bottom of your fridge freezer for damage. If there’s any cracks in the drain pan, water can leak out of your appliance and onto the floor. A damaged drain pan can be fixed easily with a replacement. 


Your appliance is on uneven ground  

Check if your fridge freezer is on even ground. If not, the door might be prevented from closing fully, resulting in some water failing to reach the drainpipe. This problem is an easy fix – all you need to do is adjust the appliance’s legs until it is level. 


Blocked evaporator in your fridge freezer  

If the temperature in your fridge has increased, the evaporator may be blocked – likely with ice. This prevents air from passing into the fridge to cool it. To check if this is the problem, remove the evaporator cover to check for a build-up of ice. 


Check your ice dispenser for faults  

If your fridge freezer has an ice dispenser, this can be the cause of leaking. For example, the water supply line might have dislodged, the seals become damaged, or hoses damaged or blocked. 


A faulty thermostat in your fridge freezer  

The fault might lie with your appliance’s thermostat. Leaking, accompanied by irregular temperatures in your fridge freezer, can suggest a problem with the thermostat. Your appliance will need to be examined by an appliance engineer to identify whether this is the problem. 

If you are unable to identify the cause of your fridge freezer’s leaking, our professional appliance engineers can help. Contact CB Domestics today to arrange your call out appointment.