What size washing machine do I need?

What Size Washing Machine Do I Need?

Are you looking to buy a new washing machine? Here, we provide all the information you need to decide what size washing machine is best for your home.  


Drum capacity  

A washing machine’s drum capacity determines how much washing it'll fit. Drum capacity is usually based on the weight of the washing you can load into it at once. Typically, a five-six kg drum is ideal for a couple, a small family is suited to a seven-eight kg drum, an eight-10kg drum is perfect for a medium-sized or large family, and very large families may find an 11-12kg drum to be best.  

However, the right drum capacity for you also depends on the types of items you’re washing. For example, if you want to be able to wash a king-size duvet or large bundles of towels, you’ll need a large drum.  

What if I choose the wrong drum size?  

If you choose the wrong size drum capacity for your home, you’re likely to find that it isn’t very efficient. People have the tendency to overload a washing machine with a drum that’s too small for them, and this means that detergent can’t be distributed efficiently and clothing won’t be washed properly. Buying a washing machine with a smaller capacity than you need will also lead to you doing extra washes, which will ultimately cost more in water and energy bills.  

Many people think the bigger, the better when it comes to washing machine drum sizes, but if you only do small loads of washing, this isn’t the case.  

Washing machine dimensions  

It’s important to get the dimensions of your washing machine right. Always measure the area where you’d like to put your washing machine several times before committing to making a purchase.  

It’s best to get one that is slightly too small for the available space as this will leave room to manoeuvre it. You should also consider whether drawers or doors surrounding your new washing machine will be able to open properly once it’s in place, as washing machine doors can protrude slightly, causing an obstruction.  

If you need help choosing the right washing machine for your needs, contact our knowledgeable team today.