Tips To Run Your Fridge Freezer More Efficiently

Tips to Run Your Fridge Freezer More Efficiently

With household bills ever-increasing, you’re most likely looking for ways to reduce your household energy costs. Large appliances consume the most energy, with fridge freezers being no exception. 
Here, we explore some of the ways you can keep associated energy costs for your fridge freezer down.


Make use of the auto defrost feature   

Over time fridge freezers build up ice due to condensation inside. This ice reduces the efficiency of your fridge freezer and risks food inside perishing faster. When fridge freezers auto defrost they go through a warming and cooling phase, causing your fridge freezer to melt any build-up of ice away.


Not only does this stop you from having to manually defrost – a job no one enjoys doing – but it also keeps your appliance running more efficiently. Chill out and let your fridge freezer do all the work! 

Save energy with holiday mode   

It’s not just people that like being in holiday mode – your fridge freezer does, too. Fridge freezers benefiting from this feature slightly increase their inside temperature, reducing energy consumption while you’re away from home. Don’t worry about your food going off or bad odours forming, because your fridge freezer will remain cool enough to prevent this from happening.  


Next time you go on holiday, be sure to give your fridge freezer one too. 

Avoid putting warm leftovers in the fridge    

It may not be surprising to hear placing warm food inside your fridge freezer will increase the inside temperature. Whilst this may be a good way to cool food faster, you do run the risk of both increasing your energy bill and causing bacteria to form. Next time you have leftovers, be sure to let them cool down before placing them inside your fridge freezer. 

Shut the fridge door!  

Did you know that every time you stare longingly into the fridge wondering what’s for dinner, you’re unknowingly increasing your energy bill? Leaving your fridge or freezer door open longer than necessary will allow unwelcome warm air to enter. Your appliance will then need to work extra hard to cool back down to its normal temperature. 
If you're looking to upgrade your fridge freezer to a more energy-efficient model, contact our friendly team today.