Three signs your oven needs repairing

Three Signs Your Oven Needs Repairing

An oven that isn’t working effectively won’t only ruin your dinner but could also become a safety hazard if not dealt with correctly. Here, we share three signs your oven needs repairing so you know when it’s time to stop cooking and call a professional. 

It’s making noises 

Typically, an oven doesn’t make a lot of noise when in use, so anything loud or unusual is definitely a sign that your oven needs repairing.


Buzzing, whirring, or ticking noises could indicate that there’s a loose part or something that needs fixing, and in this case you should stop using your oven until you’ve spoken to a professional and know that it’s safe. 


Your food isn’t cooking properly 

If your oven is producing food that’s undercooked or burnt you might think that it’s your cooking skills that are the problem. However, it may be more likely that something is stopping it from heating up properly or there’s an issue with the thermostat.


If your tried and tested recipes just aren’t turning out like they normally do, it’s time to have your oven checked and repaired so you can get back to cooking your favourite dishes. 


There’s a weird smell 

As with above, a weird smell coming from your oven shouldn’t make you automatically blame your cooking as it could be a sign that something is wrong. 


Leaks from gas ovens and burning wires in electric ovens are both serious hazards, so if your appliance is producing a weird smell you should immediately turn it off and contact a professional who can repair your oven and check that there are no safety issues. 


If you notice one of these three signs that your oven needs repairing and are based in Salisbury or the surrounding area, contact us today and let us assess your oven and give you peace of mind.