Three Signs Your Fridge Needs Repairing

A fridge is an essential part of any kitchen, and fresh food can spoil very quickly if it isn’t working efficiently. Not only does this produce a lot of unnecessary waste, it can add up to be extremely costly over time. To avoid this happening in your home, CB Domestics have summarised the main three signs that your fridge needs repairing.

It’s making strange noises

Fridges will generally make some intermittent noise as they work, but if your fridge starts making strange sounds that are out of the ordinary it could be a sign that it needs to be looked at by a professional. Odd sounds could be caused by anything from the fan to the compressor, so it’s not advisable to look for the source of the noise yourself as there could be some safety concerns depending on what the issue is.

It’s not maintaining the right temperature

If you’re finding that your fridge isn’t keeping things cool, or is freezing your food, it could be a sign that something is broken. Check the dial inside your fridge to ensure that it hasn’t been changed or knocked by something. The higher the number on the dial, the colder your fridge will be, so test it out by increasing or decreasing the number (depending on if its too warm or too cold) and leaving it for a few hours to see what happens. If you don’t notice any significant changes, it’s likely that your fridge needs repairing.

It’s stopped working completely

Of course, the main sign that your fridge needs repairing is that it’s stopped working completely! If this happens, take a look behind the fridge to check that the power cord is still plugged in properly and hasn’t been pulled loose. You should also check that the cable isn’t damaged. If nothing looks wrong or out of place, arrange for a professional to come and take a look.

If you’re located in Salisbury and notice any of the above issues with your fridge, contact CB Domestics today and we’ll be happy to carry out the necessary repairs at a competitive price.