Four Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repairing

If your washing machine isn’t working properly, you may be wondering if the problem is an easy fix or requires repairing by a professional. Below are some key signs that your washing machine has a fault that needs to be repaired.


Water isn’t draining from your washing machine  

If your washing machine drum still has water in it after the wash cycle ends, your machine isn’t draining properly. A blockage may be the cause of this – material from the machine can become lodged in the hose drain or U-bend, for example. It may also be an indicator of a problem with your pump filter which will need to be replaced if it’s broken.  


Your washing machine isn’t spinning  

If the drum isn’t spinning at all, there may be a broken latch or interlock preventing the door from closing or locking properly. The drive belt may also have become damaged, stopping your machine’s drum spinning as it should.  


If your machine isn’t completing a fast spin at the end of cycles, your clothes will be soaking wet when you remove them. This can indicate a fault with the pressure system or a worn motor which prevents the drum from reaching the fast spin speeds necessary.  


An appliance engineer will need to assess your machine to identify the faulty part before sourcing and fitting a replacement. 


Your washing machine is noisy  

While washing machines can be loud, if your washing machine is abnormally noisy it can be indicator of a fault. Possible causes of a noisy washing machine include worm drum bearings, unbalanced appliance feet or obstructions in the drum.  


Your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes  

You may have noticed that your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes properly or as well as it used to. A common and easily fixable cause is a blocked detergent tray – if your washing detergent isn’t making it to your clothes in the drum, they won’t be getting cleaned properly. More difficult causes to fix yourself include a clogged or broken filter, blocked drainage pipe or fault with the heating element that is preventing the water from getting warm.  
If your washing machine isn’t working properly, contact our Salisbury-based team of engineers today.