A Guide to Washing Machine Temperature Settings

A Guide to Washing Machine Temperature Settings

Ever wondered which washing machine temperature setting you should be using? Here, we share what each temperature setting does and when it should be used to ensure that your clothes are always in the best condition.  


Why is choosing the right temperature important?  

It's essential to choose the right washing machine temperature setting as using the wrong one could mean that your clothes are left unclean or damaged.  

It’s also important to consider how much energy each setting uses, as choosing a hotter setting than necessary can cost you more than it needs to. 

When to wash clothes on a hot setting  

Your washing machine’s hot setting is ideal for heavily soiled or stained clothes. It can also help to sanitise items and remove allergens. This makes it a good choice for towels and bedding, or items worn by family members that suffer from allergies. 

However, running your washing machine on a hot setting will cost more and won’t necessarily make your clothes any cleaner than a 40° wash.  

Hot washes can also shrink certain fabric types like denim and cotton, so always check clothing lables to see what temperature is safe. 

When to wash clothes on a warm setting  

A warm washing machine setting of 40° is perfect for clothes that are lightly soiled. A warm setting is also best for clothes made from synthetic materials, such as cotton and denim, as it will ensure that they stay looking their best.  

Using your washing machine’s warm setting is more energy efficient than its hot setting, but it’s less effective at removing tough stains.  

When to wash clothes on a cold setting  

If your clothes aren’t dirty and just need freshening up, choosing a cold washing machine setting will produce the results you’re looking for at a lower cost.  

Washing your clothes at 20 or 30° will save you money and is more eco-friendly than using a hot washing machine setting. It’s usually recommended that delicate materials, such as wool and silk, are washed at a low temperature too.  

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