Gas Vs. Electric Cooker

Gas Vs. Electric Cooker: Which is Better?

If you’re thinking of investing in a new cooker, you may be torn between a gas and electric model. Perhaps you’ve had a gas cooker in the past and are considering a more environmentally friendly option, or you’re wondering if a gas cooker might save you some pennies down the line.

Gas Cooker Pros

Gas cookers can be slightly cheaper to run than electric cookers as gas tends to cost less than electricity, though you should check with your energy supplier before making a purchase.  


Gas hobs boast several advantages over electric ones, including immediate heat and instant control over the size of the flame and therefore the amount of heat produced.

Gas Cooker Cons

Gas hobs are more difficult to clean, with raised burners and pan supports collecting dirt and grime more than flat electric ones. 


The open flame on gas hobs can be less safe than their electric counterparts and may also result in a loss of efficiency, heating food more slowly than electric hobs. Igniters on gas hobs can become defective over time. 


Gas cookers can be more difficult and costly to install into your home as a gas supply is required, meaning that you need to enlist a qualified Gas Safety engineer to install it.

Electric Cooker Pros

Electric cookers are cheaper and easier to install than gas cookers as no gas supply – or qualified gas professional – is required.  


Another advantage of electric cookers is that they distribute heat more evenly around the oven due to the fan that most feature. They also tend to be easier to turn on without requiring ignition like gas cookers.  


Electric hobs have a number of advantages over their gas counterparts – their flatness makes them easy to clean, plus stable and durable. 


Some electric cookers boast induction hobs which are incredibly energy efficient.


Electric Cooker Cons

One of the largest disadvantages of electric cookers is the time it takes for them to heat up. Electric hobs also stay warm after they have been turned off, which can pose a safety hazard or leave food cooking for longer than necessary.  


In the event of a power cut, electric cookers will not work, whereas gas cookers can run as long as there is a gas supply.  


Electric hobs are more prone to damage and stains, but with proper care and cleaning these can be prevented.  

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