5 Things You Should Look at When Choosing a New Appliance

5 Things You Should Look at When Choosing a New Appliance

When you need a new appliance, it’s often because your current one is faulty or broken. This means that you need a replacement in a hurry – but choosing a new appliance without properly assessing the options can lead to you making the wrong choice. 

To help you find the best appliance for your needs, here are five things you should look for. 



Energy efficiency rating

All large household appliances have an energy efficiency rating. The new scale, introduced in 2020, uses a simpler A-G scale. A is the best rating for the most efficient appliances, whereas G is the worst rating for the least efficient appliances. 

With energy bills skyrocketing, the efficiency of your appliances has never been more important to consider. The more efficient the appliance, the less energy it’ll use and the lower your energy bills will be. 


It’s essential to work out the size of appliance you need before investing in a new one. You need to measure both the width and depth of the gap for your new appliance to ensure you’re buying the correct size for your home.  

There are other size considerations to factor in, too. Load size is an important factor to consider. For example, washing machines and tumble dryers have varying drum sizes, so you need to consider the size of your washing loads when choosing your appliance. 


There are a vast number of appliance brands on the market. To make your money go further, it’s better to spend a little more on an appliance from a reliable brand with good warranty.  

With some brands, it’s difficult to find replacement parts for – or replacement parts are expensive. Opting for a brand with good spare part availability may make your appliance last longer. 

Noise rating  

Like energy ratings, appliances have noise ratings, too. These ratings are in decibels and indicate how loud the appliance will be when it’s on. For example, 30dB is akin to the noise in a quiet library, whereas 110dB is similar to the noise of a chainsaw. 

Additional features   

As new appliance models hit the market, there’s an ever-growing range of additional features, too. For example, you might want an ice dispenser or automatic temperature controls in your fridge freezer, an oven with delayed start capability or a washing machine with an air-dry function. 

Make sure you know what features are a must-have for you before you start your search. 
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