Five Appliance Hacks You Need to Know About

Five Appliance Hacks You Need to Know About

Appliances are a core part of our everyday lives, designed to make mundane daily tasks easier. However, many appliances have hidden features to make life even simpler which can go unnoticed for years. 

Here are five appliance hacks you need to know about.


Moveable dishwasher rack

Have you ever been loading your dishwasher and found that your plates are too tall to fit? In many dishwashers, the top rack is moveable. This means you can move it up and down to accommodate tall plates, glasses and dishes, enabling you to fit more in at once. 

Hidden washing machine pipe

Unbeknownst to many users, most washing machines have a hidden pipe at the side. This pipe is designed to allow you to drain water from your washing machine into a bowl or other container with ease. With this clever design feature, there’s no need to attempt to squeeze a thin container underneath your machine to capture water when you drain it for cleaning or other purposes.

Secret tray at the top of dishwashers  

Many dishwashers have a hidden tray right at the top – something that recently went viral on TikTok. This thin tray – often missed due to it blending in with the rest of the dishwasher – is designed for washing cutlery and other thin kitchen utensils. If your dishwasher has a tray, you can use it as a space saving-hack. Simply remove your cutlery basket and load your cutlery into the hidden top rack, thereby creating more space for bowls and plates on the bottom rack.

Use the bottom of the oven

 To achieve perfectly roasted vegetables, some oven floors can be used to hold trays instead of the shelves. This hack was shared by Carolynn Carreño in her book Bowls of Plenty, who learnt it from a fellow chef. She says that the oven floor provides high, even and direct heat, making it perfect for roasting vegetables in a baking pan. The hack can also be used to fit more into your oven at once – ideal for large meals with many components, like a Sunday roast.

Make sure you check with the owner’s manual of your oven before trying this hack to make sure that a heavy tray can be placed at the bottom safely. 

Removable glass in oven door  

Many people are unaware that the innermost layer of glass in most ovens is removable. If you’re struggling to get your oven sparkling clean, try removing the second pane of glass. Not only does this allow you to clean the inner pane with ease, but it also gives you easy access to the outer layer of glass. 

Make sure you check your owner’s manual before trying this hack to make sure that the glass is removable. 
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