Easy Hacks to Cut Down Your Appliances’ Energy Use

Easy Hacks to Cut Down Your Appliances’ Energy Use

With the cost of living soaring, people are looking for ways they can reduce household bills. Here, we share some easy hacks to cut down on your appliances’ energy use to cut down your bills. 


Turn them off at the wall  

When your appliances aren't in use, switching them off at the wall can help you cut down your energy usage. Even when on standby, appliances can use considerable amounts of energy. 

Washing machine  

Don’t wash your clothes at a high temperature if they’re not heavily soiled. Setting your washing machine to 30° – or even 20° if you have the option – will mean that you spend less per wash than if you had it on 40°.


Of course, if your clothes are particularly dirty you might need to use a higher temperature to shift the stains, but lower temperatures are fine for items that just need freshening up. You should also avoid washing half loads where possible – or use the half load option to do this. 


It may sound obvious, but turning the lights off when you leave a room can help to reduce your energy bills considerably. You should try to turn them on only when they’re essential. Make the most of natural light by keeping blinds and curtains open.  

Swapping out halogen bulbs for LEDs will also save you money as they use less energy. LEDs come in a number of shades so you can choose the option that’s right for your home. 


Due to their large size, ovens can be huge consumers of energy. Choosing to use a microwave, air fryer, pressure cooker, or slow cooker can save you money on your bills.  

Research recipes that you can make using these smaller appliances, such as stews and curries, and try to use the oven sparingly rather than relying on it every day. When you do use the oven, you can turn it off five-ten minutes earlier than the final cooking time as your food will continue to cook in the heat that has been created – particularly if your oven is energy efficient.  

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