5 Common Reasons Why Your Oven isn’t Working

5 Common Reasons Why Your Oven isn’t Working

It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to cook and realise that your oven isn’t working. Here, we share five common issues with electric ovens and what could be causing these. 


Oven isn’t switching on 

There are a number of reasons why your oven might not be switching on. Firstly, check to make sure that no features of your oven are on, including lights and timers, as if some elements are working there’s a different issue causing the problem.


If your oven is plugged into a socket, it could be that the fuse has blown or that the electricity in your home has been interrupted during the day and needs resetting. 

Oven isn’t heating up 

If some parts of your oven are working but it’s not heating up, this is typically caused by one of two problems: damage to the element or a blown thermal fuse. If the element has been damaged, you will need to replace this.


The same is true if the thermal fuse has blown, you will need to get a new one before your oven will heat up again. 

Oven heat keeps cutting out 

When your oven cuts out when in use, it could be an issue with the thermostat sensor. This sensor monitors the oven temperature and helps to control keeping it at the temperature you’ve set it to.


If this is faulty, ovens tend to overheat and then cut out. You may also find that this issue prevents your oven from working at all. 

Oven isn’t cooking evenly 

When cooking, there’s nothing more annoying than when food isn’t cooked evenly due to a faulty oven. This issue is often caused by a faulty bake or broil element. The bake element is located at the bottom of the oven and the broil element is at the top.


If either is failing to glow red or looks broken, they will need replacing. If you have a fan oven, a faulty fan could also be causing food to not cook evenly. Listen out for signs that it’s getting louder or appears to be going slower, if so, you’ll need to have this replaced. 

Oven door won’t shut properly 

Your oven can’t work effectively if the door won’t shut properly, so if you find that you’re experiencing this issue you should try to resolve it quickly.


Check the hinges to see if there are signs of wear or breakage, and ensure that they’re still aligned correctly. If they look as they should, check the door seals. These can become loose over time which will mean that the door won’t shut properly. 

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